A new management support system for professionals within the mineral and mining business


The mineral exploration and mining industry has traditionally been seen as a high risk / high reward business. The acceptance of the inherent risk profile has to some extent led to inefficiency in exploration as well as in exploitation. The lack of acceptable success rates is most significant in the earlier exploration stages.

About ourselves

  • Our vision: To ensure the most sustainable use of our shared natural resources.
  • Our mission: To provide decisive knowledge to everyone engaged in the business of natural resources… wherever- and whenever needed.
  • Our performance: Innovative, client orientated and always trustworthy.
  • Our realisation: A broad variety of data that are relevant for mineral exploration and mining industry, is already made available from a long range of providers and the amount of data is steadily increasing. It is our understanding that the vast amount of data, together with traditional professional skills and modern technology, contain the keys to develop a comprehensive global knowledge base.

Will it work? The idea is tested on a conceptual scale. However, making it true on a global scale is a process easy to initiate, but impossible to finalise. It is our ambition to make the process itself rewarding for all of us relating to this new knowledge system.

Last updated: May 23, 2016